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How to Use Digest AI's Free AI GPT Content Detector

Follow three simple steps to easily and accurately identify AI-generated content. Fast, user-friendly, and effective.

1. Paste Text

Copy the content you want to check and paste it directly into the designated text box on our platform.

2. Submit for Analysis

Click the 'Check Origin' button to submit your text for AI content detection.

3. Review Your Results

Within moments, receive a percentage score indicating the likelihood of AI authorship.

Authenticate with Confidence: Digest AI's Free AI GPT Content Detector

Empower Your Content's Integrity with Advanced AI Detection Technology

AI-Powered Precision

Utilize our state-of-the-art detection algorithms trained on a diverse dataset to accurately determine if your content is AI-generated. Get results with confidence, from full articles to individual sentences.

Comprehensive Model Coverage

Our tool is rigorously designed to detect text from a wide array of large language models including ChatGPT, GPT-4, Bard, and Llama 2, ensuring your content's originality against the latest AI writing tools.

Privacy-Centric Service

Your privacy is paramount. Enjoy our detection services without the worry of data retention. We guarantee a commitment to your data’s privacy — no storage, no tracking, just straightforward results.

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