December 4, 2023

Summary of Dude Perfect - Top 10, Gift, & Wheel Unfortunate | OT 27

In this transcript, the Dude Perfect team interacts with viewers, take on impromptu challenges, and shares funny moments. They also have a segment where they discuss the top 10 most used GIFs and embark on a unique calendar photo shoot wherein they try to sell calendars to reach a certain amount. They also share that starting in 2024, every video of theirs will launch one week early on the Dude Perfect app.

[0:00:00] - Preparing for the Show

  • The team gets ready for the show, dealing with unexpected delays and amusing interactions.

[0:00:46] - Cool Not Cool

  • G demonstrates a creative way to clean surfaces while travelling, sparking a discussion with the team members.

[0:02:39] - Full Body Workout

  • Cody showcases a full-body workout using a unique exercise tool, receiving feedback from the team.

[0:03:40] - Childhood Game

  • Cory shares his nostalgic memories of playing a game from his childhood, leading to laughter and light-hearted banter.

[0:04:30] - Sharing a Funny Phone Story

  • Ty discusses how he manages when his kids use his phone and shares an amusing situation with the team.

[0:06:50] - I Spy Tai

  • The team embarks on an adventure to find Tai in a Bass Pro Shops store, engaging in playful banter while outdoors.

[0:12:47] - Top 10 GIFs

  • The team discusses the top 10 most used GIFs and engages in banter regarding their functionality and usefulness.

[0:19:13] - Wheel Unfortunate

  • The team engages in humorous interactions while picking a name and joking about a punishment.

[0:22:41] - Unique Calendar Photo Shoot

  • The team embarks on a humorous and entertaining calendar photo shoot, attempting to sell the calendars to patrons.

[0:25:59] - Early Video Launch on the Dude Perfect app

  • The team announces that their videos will launch a week early on the Dude Perfect app starting in 2024.

[0:26:15] - Signing Off

  • The team shares final thoughts, grateful to the viewers and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.


Do the team members have interesting interactions while selling calendars?

  • Yes, they meet various people willing to purchase calendars, leading to entertaining and humorous interactions.

What announcement do the team members make regarding their video releases?

  • They announce that starting in 2024, their videos will launch one week early on the Dude Perfect app, allowing viewers to watch them before anyone else.