February 16, 2024

PGL Copenhagen Major - FaZe Clan vs Eternal Fire (Map: Nuke)


This video is a summarized stream of a match between FaZe Clan and Eternal Fire in the PGL Copenhagen Major tournament. The map being played is Nuke.

[0:00:28] - Opening Frag

  • Rain from FaZe Clan gets the opening frag.

[0:01:01] - Frozen's Play

  • Frozen from Eternal Fire gets down to one point of health but manages to survive.

[0:01:22] - Carrian's Play

  • Carrian from Eternal Fire picks up the USP and tries to get a kill.

[0:01:28] - Walki Takes Rain Down

  • Walki from Eternal Fire takes down Rain from FaZe Clan.

[0:02:10] - Tactical Options for FaZe Clan

  • FaZe Clan has multiple options to choose from depending on the next kill.

[0:03:15] - Compelling Half

  • The first half is already compelling with FaZe Clan leading by three rounds.

[0:03:27] - Frozen's Performance

  • Frozen from Eternal Fire has been performing well, with seven kills and three deaths.

[0:04:58] - Robs Dominates

  • Robs from Eternal Fire dominates the FaZe Clan team.

[0:06:24] - Final Round

  • The final round of the first half is intense and shows the high level of play on Nuke.

[0:07:00] - FaZe Clan's Must-Win Pistol Round

  • FaZe Clan needs to win the pistol round to stay in the game.

[0:07:32] - Mag's Performance

  • Mag from FaZe Clan is performing exceptionally well.

[0:08:31] - Rain's Master Class

  • Rain from FaZe Clan shows excellent timing and skill, closing out multiple rounds.

[0:09:25] - Walki's Attempt

  • Walki from Eternal Fire attempts to plant the bomb but fails.

[0:09:58] - Rain's Dominance

  • Rain from FaZe Clan continues to dominate, securing kills for his team.

[0:10:06] - FaZe Clan Qualifies for the Major

  • FaZe Clan qualifies for the major tournament after a strong performance.


How is FaZe Clan performing in the match?

FaZe Clan is performing well, with Rain and Mag showing exceptional skill.

Who is the standout player from Eternal Fire?

Frozen from Eternal Fire is performing exceptionally well, with multiple kills.

Who ultimately wins the match?

FaZe Clan wins the match and qualifies for the major tournament.