February 14, 2024

Waitressing Troubles

[0:00:01] - Job Offer

  • Coraline gets a $50,000 check and job offer from Byron Hansen at his bar.

[0:01:21] - First Day

  • Coraline starts her first day working and learns about getting paid in cash and through direct deposit.

[0:02:22] - Unwanted Attention

  • Coraline's associates show up at the bar, belittle her, and threaten to sue and blacklist her.
  • Byron Hansen arrives and defends Coraline by banning the coworkers from his properties.

[0:07:35] - Heartfelt Conversation

  • Coraline explains her past struggles and the mistreatment she's faced due to her financial downfall to Byron.

[0:10:12] - Unexpected Kindness

  • Byron shows kindness to Coraline, offering to be there for her if she gets into trouble again.

[0:11:32] - Investigative Plans

  • Byron's associate begins to investigate Coraline's background, showing an interest in her past and personal life.

[0:13:21] - Music Gig

  • Coraline gets a gig to perform at an engagement party, thanks to Byron's influence.


Do Coraline's associates bring trouble to the bar?

Yes, they belittle and threaten Coraline, causing a scene at the bar.

How does Byron react to Coraline's past struggles?

Byron shows kindness and understanding towards Coraline's troubles, offering to be there for her.

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