January 15, 2024

Tips for Combat in Baldur's Gate 3

[0:00:06] - Dipping Your Weapon

  • Dipping your weapon in different substances can give it a secondary effect.
  • Use chromatic orbs, poison vials, or fire from the ground to dip your weapon and increase the damage you deal.

[0:01:33] - Surfaces

  • Different surfaces (acid, water, fire, grease) have various interactions and effects.
  • Surfaces can create elemental damage and impact the battlefield, so use them strategically.

[0:02:54] - Commanding the Battlefield

  • Use choke points and cut off areas to command the battlefield and control the flow of combat.
  • Combine different surfaces and spells to weaken melee enemies and hold choke points effectively.

[0:03:46] - The High Ground

  • Having the high ground gives you an advantage in combat, as it can create a barrier between you and the targets.
  • Even a slight incline, like stairs, can be considered having the high ground.

[0:04:31] - Barrels

  • Barrels are versatile and can be used to control the battlefield, set up traps, or block access to ladders.
  • They can be used to create explosive effects when strategically placed and detonated.

[0:05:24] - Sanctuary Spell

  • The Sanctuary spell makes a target untargetable until it harms another creature, allowing for strategic positioning and protection.

[0:06:28] - Command Spell

  • The Command spell can disarm enemies, make them flee, or drop their weapons, providing tactical advantages in combat.

[0:08:27] - Using Special Arrows

  • Special arrows, like fire or frost arrows, can create AOE effects, providing additional chances to hit targets and affect the battlefield.

[0:09:12] - Turn Management

  • Grouped characters share a single turn, allowing for strategic control and positioning during combat.


How can dipping your weapon in different substances affect combat?

Dipping your weapon increases damage and can create elemental types of damage, allowing you to exploit enemy weaknesses.

What are some strategic uses of the high ground in combat?

Having the high ground can create barriers between you and targets, giving you an advantage and allowing for better positioning choices.