January 9, 2024

Tips for Playing Baldur's Gate 3


The video provides 10 tips for playing Baldur's Gate 3, including finding key party members, obtaining important items, conversing with animals, and more.

[0:00:17] - Finding Party Members

  • Locations and methods to recruit main characters such as Shadowheart, Starion, Gail, Lizelle, Karlak, and Will in the first act of the game.

[0:02:10] - Obtaining Powerful Weapons

  • Strategy for defeating Commander Zake and obtaining The Everburn Sword, a powerful weapon that deals extra fire damage.

[0:02:43] - Importance of Shadowheart

  • Narratively important character who is a cleric, and the benefits of having a cleric in your party.

[0:03:24] - Picking your Background

  • The significance of selecting a background and playing according to its traits to earn inspiration and reroll failed dice checks.

[0:04:04] - Returning to the Camp

  • Importance of taking a long rest in the camp to heal the party, restore spell slots, and engage in conversations with party members.

[0:04:42] - Unlock the Ancient Door

  • Instructions on how to unlock the ancient door, including details on potential rewards and how to access the room successfully.

[0:05:43] - Speak with Animals

  • Methods of acquiring the "Speak with Animals" spell from different classes and races, and its benefits in the game.

[0:06:40] - Gaining a Loyal Dog Companion

  • Detailed steps to gaining the trust of a dog named Scratch, and how to have it join your camp as a loyal companion.

[0:07:22] - Importance of Having a Shovel and Torch

  • The significance of carrying a shovel and a torch in the game to address specific in-game challenges and situations.

[0:08:00] - Navigating Emerald Grove

  • Tips for navigating the first town in Baldur's Gate 3 and avoiding conflict between the Druids and the Tieflings.


How can I recruit party members in Baldur's Gate 3?

You can recruit main characters like Shadowheart, Starion, Gail, Lizelle, Karlak, and Will in the first act of the game by following specific locations and methods.

What is the significance of returning to the Camp in Baldur's Gate 3?

Returning to the camp is important for taking a long rest, healing the party, engaging in context-sensitive conversations with party members, and triggering story events.

How can I gain a loyal dog companion in Baldur's Gate 3?

To gain the trust of a dog named Scratch and have it join your camp as a loyal companion, you need to use the "Speak with Animals" spell and follow specific dialogue options.

These are some of the useful tips and strategies for successfully playing Baldur's Gate 3.