January 6, 2024

Tips for Beginners in Baldur's Gate 3

[0:00:30] - Respec

  • Talk to Withers to respect your character for 100 gold.
  • Find Withers in the overgrown ruins to the east of the roadside Cliff's Waypoint.

[0:01:31] - Alchemy

  • Crafting and Alchemy are now available in the full release.
  • Crafting potions of healing and other useful items requires specific materials.

[0:03:30] - Gold and Loot

  • Loot everything to find items to sell and earn gold.
  • Use vendors to sell items and send excess to your camp's chest.

[0:04:29] - Companions

  • There are six companions to recruit in act one.
  • Locations of companions include beaches, beachside caves, and druid factions.

[0:06:41] - Compound Loot

  • Locations in the blighted village to find blue quality items and weapons.
  • Includes a hidden blacksmith and building with valuable items.

[0:08:19] - Lump's Warhorn

  • Find and convince three ogres in the blighted village to gain access to a powerful group of summoned ogres for combat.

[0:12:40] - Summoning Scratch the Dog

  • Find Scratch in the woods northeast of the blighted village.
  • Gain his trust and let him smell you to have him join your camp and eventually become a summon and looting companion.

[0:13:41] - Take Your Time

  • Encouragement to take your time and enjoy the game without rushing.


Can I craft potions and useful items in the game?

Crafting and alchemy are available in the full release, allowing players to create potions, elixirs, and other items.

How many companions can you recruit in act one, and where can you find them?

There are six companions to be recruited in act one, with locations ranging from the beach to druid factions.

How can I earn gold in the game?

Players can earn gold by looting and selling items to vendors. Sending excess items to the camp's chest is also recommended to free up inventory space and carry weight.

What is the best way to find valuable loot in the game?

Various locations in the blighted village offer valuable loot, such as blue-quality items and weapons, including a hidden blacksmith and building with valuable items.