January 4, 2024

Organizing Your Home in 2024


The video provides practical tips on organizing home spaces for improved storage and decluttering for the year 2024.

[0:00:31] - Utilizing Pantry and Closets

Transform underutilized spaces like closets into a "Costco corner" for storing bulk items and maximizing storage space.

[0:01:51] - Over-the-Door and Cabinet Storage

Use over-the-door storage racks and the inside of cabinet doors for extra storage, maximizing space efficiently.

[0:02:14] - Can Risers, Tiered Shelves, and Baskets

Utilize can risers, tiered shelves, and large baskets to organize and maximize storage space within cabinets.

[0:03:33] - Prioritizing High-Traffic Areas

Focus on organizing high-traffic areas like the entrance way to prevent clutter at the door.

[0:04:33] - Creating a Command Center

Set up a command center for organizing mail, memory items, recycling, and reusable shopping bags to prevent household clutter.

[0:06:17] - Decluttering and Organizing Tips

Create clutter catchers around the house, and assess the need for quality organization bins over dollar store options.

[0:08:22] - Quality Storage Containers

Invest in good quality, durable storage containers such as woven and wood bins to ensure long-lasting and effective organization.

[0:10:34] - 30-Day Boot Camp for Organization

Promotion of a 30-day boot camp for a comprehensive guide to organizing all spaces in the home, led by the video creator.


What are some practical tips for creating more storage space in the kitchen?

The video suggests transforming underutilized spaces, utilizing over-the-door and cabinet storage, and using practical organizational tools like can risers and baskets.

Is it recommended to prioritize the organization of high-traffic areas in the home?

Yes, focusing on organizing high-traffic areas such as the entrance way can significantly reduce clutter and promote a more organized living space.

What types of storage containers are recommended for effective organization?

Investing in durable and high-quality storage containers such as woven, wood, and metal bins is recommended to ensure long-lasting organization.

What is the suggested approach for home organization throughout a given year?

The video stresses the importance of setting achievable goals and chipping away at them, providing support in the form of a 30-day organization boot camp.

This summary provides insights into practical home organization tips for 2024, including utilizing different storage spaces, prioritizing high-traffic areas, and investing in quality storage containers.