December 15, 2023

[0:00:19] - Reflecting on the Year

  • Ming仔 reflects on the ups and downs of 2023 and the experiences that have shaped him.
  • He shares his new year's goals and the significance of these milestones to his personal growth.

[0:08:03] - Team Building and Growth

  • Ming仔 discusses the process of building and expanding his team.
  • He reflects on the challenges and accomplishments of creating a cohesive and talented team.

[0:10:20] - Impactful Experience

  • Ming仔 shares a profound experience from a trip to Israel and the perspective it brought to his life.

[0:13:40] - Business and YouTube Goals

  • Ming仔 discusses the successes and failures regarding his YouTube channel's goals. He also provides insights into the platform's algorithms and his experiences with content creation.

[0:14:38] - Personal and Professional Growth

  • Ming仔 reflects on the shift from being an independent YouTuber to an entrepreneur, emphasizing the importance of humility and continuous learning.

[0:16:57] - Fostering Growth and Development

  • Ming仔 discusses the importance of creating a sense of urgency to achieve personal and professional goals, as well as the effectiveness of using FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) to drive motivation.


Have Ming仔's YouTube goals been achieved in 2023?

  • Ming仔 discussed the successes and failures of his YouTube goals for the year, providing insights into his channel's growth and the challenges he faced.

What is the significance of Ming仔's trip to Israel?

  • Ming仔 shared a transformative experience from his trip to Israel, highlighting the impact it had on his perspective and personal growth.

How has Ming仔's role evolved in 2023?

  • Ming仔 reflected on the transition from being an independent YouTuber to becoming an entrepreneur and the responsibilities and challenges that come with this transition.