December 12, 2023

Tips to Reduce Filament Waste in 3D Printing with Bamboo AMS

In this video, the presenter shares tips and insights on reducing filament waste in 3D printing using the Bamboo AMS. The focus is on improving printing efficiency and minimizing material waste.

[0:00:00] - Introduction to Filament Waste Issue

  • 3D printing with a multimaterial system leads to a significant amount of wasted filament.
  • Default settings in the AMS can result in excessive filament waste.
  • Presenter aims to provide solutions and tips to reduce filament waste.

[0:01:01] - Tuning Purge Waist

  • Tips for adjusting printer settings to minimize purge waist.
  • Requires patience and experimentation.
  • Presenter guarantees significant reduction in waist with proper tuning.

[0:02:34] - Flushing Volumes and Filament Purge

  • Explains the concept of flushing volumes and associated filament purging for color changes.
  • Demonstrates editing settings manually and the impact on filament savings.
  • Offers insights on using infill and flush options for color changes.

[0:03:58] - Hidden Feature for Filament Waste Reduction

  • Introduces a hidden feature in Bamboo Slicer called "Flush into Object."
  • Explains the feature's role as a purge tower and its impact on reducing filament waste.
  • Demonstrates practical implementation and showcases the filament savings achieved.

[0:05:30] - Selecting Purge Objects

  • Discusses the importance of selecting suitable purge objects to reduce color change waste.
  • Considers factors such as model height and usability.
  • Offers practical examples and considerations for choosing the right purge objects.

[0:07:36] - Experimental Filament Waste Reduction

  • Introduces an experimental method involving G-Code manipulation to reduce filament waste.
  • Discusses a profile created by Leon Fiser Skipper to save a significant percentage of filament waste during color swaps.


Why is reducing filament waste important in 3D printing?

  • Filament waste reduction is crucial to improve printing efficiency, minimize material costs, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

What are some practical tips for reducing filament waste in 3D printing?

  • Adjusting printer settings, utilizing flush options, selecting suitable purge objects, and exploring experimental G-Code manipulations are practical ways to reduce filament waste.

The video provides comprehensive insights and practical tips for effectively minimizing filament waste in 3D printing using the Bamboo AMS.