December 10, 2023

Five Alternatives to Chat GPT

We're going to cover five alternative tools to Chat GPT that can be used for coding and productivity purposes.

[0:01:00] - Autonomous AI (Auto GPT)

  • Autonomous AI, like Auto GPT, learns from past prompts and tasks, iterating and making decisions autonomously.
  • Unlike Chat GPT, which requires user input, Autonomous AI thinks and takes decisions on its own.
  • It can be accessed by both technical and non-technical users, making it the next step in AI.

[0:04:42] - for App Developers

  • allows you to build AI apps in seconds, using existing prompts to build smart contracts or web applications.
  • The platform uses GPT4 or a structured version of GPT3.

[0:05:44] - Meet Cody for Business Assistance

  • Meet Cody is designed to provide instant answers and assistance for business-related questions.
  • It learns about your business over time and trains on your processes and clients, making it highly customizable.

[0:07:37] - Jasper for AI-Based Writing and Assistance

  • Jasper is used for scriptwriting, blogs, and emails, and can reword content based on user preferences.
  • It offers templates for ads, blogs, business, e-commerce, and SEO, making it a versatile writing tool.

[0:09:15] - Literally Anything (Literally

  • Literally Anything is an AI-based platform that allows users to build and create UI, apps, photo carousels, and more.
  • The platform provides a unique user experience for code building and UI design.


Which tool can be used to build AI apps in seconds?

  • is a tool that allows users to build AI apps in seconds using existing prompts and smart contracts.

What is unique about Meet Cody?

  • Meet Cody provides instant answers and understands your business over time, allowing for customization and training on your processes and clients.

Which tool is used for AI-based writing guidance?

  • Jasper is a tool used for scriptwriting, blogs, emails, and offers templates for various writing purposes, making it a versatile writing tool.