December 9, 2023

Unveiling "Midnights"

  • The video content is a collection of interviews with various celebrities about their recent music, movies, and TV shows.

[0:00:20] - Reactions to Taylor Swift's New Album

  • James Corden congratulates Taylor Swift on the success of her new album, "Midnights," and the record-breaking sales.

[0:01:11] - Taylor Swift Discusses "Midnights"

  • Taylor talks about the success of her autobiographical album, "Midnights," and how it's received by fans.

[0:02:25] - Songwriting Process

  • Taylor Swift shares details about her songwriting process and the influence behind the stories in her music.

[0:04:10] - Collaborations on the New Album

  • Taylor Swift discusses collaborating with friends and favorite artists on her new album and the enjoyable experience of working with them.

[0:08:33] - Future Plans for Touring

  • Taylor expresses her desire to go on tour again and the meaningful connection she feels with her fans.

[0:09:48] - Taylor Swift's Achievements

  • Jimmy Fallon acknowledges Taylor Swift's achievements, including her Grammy nominations and receiving a doctorate from NYU.

[0:11:51] - Jimin from BTS Shares His Experience

  • Jimin from BTS shares his experiences meeting fans and being starstruck by certain individuals.

[0:12:54] - Halsey's Impact

  • Jimin expresses admiration for Halsey and her impact on him and his band members.

[0:16:17] - BTS Member Discusses New Album

  • BTS member speaks about the inspiration behind their new album and how the music has connected with their fans.

[0:30:01] - Charlie Puth's Experience

  • Charlie Puth talks about starring in "Scream" and the hilarious moments on set.

[0:31:23] - Tim Burton's Guidance

  • Tim Burton gave Jenna Ortega the freedom to choreograph her dance scene in "Wednesday" and provided support throughout the process.

[0:34:25] - The Viral Dance Scene

  • Jenna Ortega discusses the unexpected viral success of her dance scene in "Wednesday" and the impact it has had on social media.

The video offers insights into the achievements of various celebrities and their recent projects, including music, TV shows, and movies.